Franconia Notch Stables

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Franconia Notch Stables Franconia NH

Year Round Trail Rides

Friendly!Our 1 hour excursion takes riders through fields and forests as it looks onto Mt. Lafayette, Kinsman Ridge, and Cannon Mt, with other exquisite mountain views. A fan favorite is crossing through the beautiful Hamm Branch River where your horse may stop for a drink. If you're lucky, you might come across a moose on our early morning tour or deer, turkey, and/or turtles anytime throughout the day! Keep an eye out for beaver as you pass through Beaver Bend, a scenic woods path that twists and turns with the riverside.

Our 1 hour tours are walking only; they are a beginner friendly and gentle ride. Riders must be 8 years old and older.

Our tours go by reservation so please call ahead of time to ensure your spot!

Pony Rides

5 minute horseback ride led by leadline.

Winter Sleigh Rides

Beginning in mid-December, our majestic sleigh rides are the perfect addition to your winter get-away. Our traditional one-horse sleigh holds up to 6 adults comfortably.

An abundance of cozy blankets provided. Feel free to bring hot cocoa or any other warm, special treats. Our rides are roughly 30 min through field and along beautiful wood line with snowy mountain views. Reservations (usually) a must.

Call for Reservations
(603) 823-5058